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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Weekend Blues
Listening to: Will You ~ POD

No, I still haven't gotten YM to work. But I found out that I can run LAUNCHcast Radio thru an applet on it's webpage. Yes! Pat me on the back Vanessa~ Haha, don't slap, that would hurt too much. :P PS: You miss working? :O

Moving on. Saturday was extremely boring. My guitar lessons got cancelled. Then my dental appointment got cancelled too. So I just played RO all day. Well, not really all day. I got the futon off the floor, and put my washed clothes in the closet. Then I took the rose that Matt gave me and placed it in a wine glass. I looked all over the house for a vase, but all I could find was a wine glass. Kinda gives you an idea what my parents like to drink. :P I tried to preserve the other 3 roses, but there was no more space in our ref, so my mom told me to arrange them along with mine.

Then I practiced playing my guitar, then I played RO again. XD At around 5 Miggy text me telling me he was at McDo. So I got my brother to drive me there, and I met up with him. He gave me palancas from various Discov people for my other classmates. He also showed me a perfect math quiz. (Ack) He asked if I was hungry, and I said yes. I ordered a cheeseburger meal, and we just sat down and talked. He got a new phone! And I know he took stolen pics of me with it. I should have deleted them. :O We talked about various things; college, the fair, my brother who was hiding somewhere in McDo. Then I checked my watch and it was already 6. My family and I were to go to mass at 6, so I had to leave. Before I left tho, he gave me an overdue Christmas present. I thanked him for everything, and started walking towards our car. I was stopped by a boy selling sampaguita, and I didn't have any money on me at the time. (My wallet is still with Racine) So I pulled out the cheeseburger I didn't eat and gave it to him. Another boy ran up to me, but I couldn't give him anything. So I told the boy I whom I gave the cheeseburger to share with him. n_n; Then Jeth drove us to the subdivision and we met up with Mom and Dad for mass.

When we got home, Mom told me to open it. I did, and inside were two stuffed toy frogs. Later than night I put the frogs on the top bunk, and the flowers next to my lamp. And I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Today I woke up to Mom yelling at me thru the door. n_n;; I watched Discovery Travel and Living, and saw their Top Ten Places to Visit for London. I really can't wait to visit London. It'll be sooo cool. Auntie Nickel came from Iriga today, and we ate at Mongkok for lunch. After eating and talking, we, the girls, walked around Royale Place, and came upon a botique that was open upstairs. They had really nice skirts, and even though I liked them, I told myself that I'd never be able to pull off wearing a skirt. I don't know, but I can't convince myself that I'd like pretty in a skirt. (Gah, babaaaaaaaaw man.) But anyway, we went downstairs, and went off to Rockwell to meet up with Lassie and Mel. We went bowling, and I was kickass in the first game. XD But I totally sucked in the second and third games. After bowling, we went to Rockwell to eat. I saw Carl, Cai's brother there. :O Actually, Carl saw me there. XD Surprise? I asked where Cai was, but he said she was at home. Continuing, Jeth and I got to bond with Mel, I guess. He's actually pretty funny. Weird and sorta demented. =P Of course, that's ok with me. :D

Tomorrow is my last Recolletion. I haven't started writing palancas yet. n_n;; Great. For the first time, I wanted to ask around for palancas, but I wasn't able to. I've been out of load since Saturday evening, and my YM still refuses to cooperate with me. I'll be gone for a day. Not much. I won't bring my phone either. It won't be of much use to me there. Mom didn't want me to buy load, and I don't have money with me now.

Mom is yelling at me now. ~_~ I can't help but feel like she always finds a reason to yell at me.

How fun.

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