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Friday, January 14, 2005
Listening to: Track 7 ~ Evanescence

The internet is down again. n_n;; So I best be productive and write my blog entry while I can't do anything else. At least I'm listening to a CD now. :P I just pulled a random one out from my huge pile and stuck it in the PC.

Today we had a mass and a program for the loyal teachers of the school. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years of service. :O Now that's long. The school itself, SHSQC, has only been up for 25 years. (We're the silver batch, since we're graduating on the 25th birthday of the school :P) Not much happened after the mass. Awarding, presentations and such. Our batch is really into bands tho. :P

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that I had the most interesting conversation with a group of my classmates concerning breasts, bras, and minimizers. XD The discussion was my fault, but still it was really funny. XD

Anyway, back to what happened today. Since it was half day, we got dismissed at as early as 11:30. We walked around, looking for the lady who was in charge of the school jackets. I had to add to my downpayment. We found out that it's fun to hang out on the steps in front of the faculty room if there's no one around. XD We met her at the gate eventually. After that, we just bummed around until 1. We talked about stuff. But I remember talking about our parents. At one point, Gela's mom came, and I felt really bad when she sent her back to pick her up later. It was at around 1:15 that Gretchen had to leave. We saw her off and left the MMA. So we dumped our stuff at the covered walk and started to walk around the parking lot, especially the smal field right beside the MMA. I stood on a pillar, and when I got down, my skirt got caught on it, and I nearly fell. XD Good thing Kari was there, or I might have torn my skirt. :O After that, we just stayed at the covered walk, just talking. Well, talking, complaining, then listening to music. :P Soon enough, Gela and Kari had to go. That left Racine, Cai and me. We each just listened to music. Cai stopped to listen to Racine sing, then Racine ran out of batteries. XD So I was left listening to music. Then we saw a car drive into the school. Then they drove out. When they drove out, I noticed blue polos. And I wondered, why did they drive out? XD I looked at Racine and Cai, and we guessed that the guard wouldn't let them in. So Cai and Racine went ahead to 'check things out'. Lol. Bodyguards. XD We guessed right, and we had to go out into the street next to the school. And I quote: "Yonder!" So I was walking with Racine and Cai, a lot of things were going through my mind at those moments. But before I knew it I was already at the street, and Matt was there, with his friends. We each got roses. Well, Racine had to hold Gela's, Gretchen's and Kari's. :P Then Matt told me to hold out my hand for his Christmas gift. So I did, but instead of plopping something into my hand, he put a bracelet around my wrist.

And so I conclude... I have a very small wrist. n_n; Lol! But seriously, that took me by surprise.

Then dad came and picked us up. I went home with Cai, and she showed me how many anime VCDs and OSTs I actually have from Jeth. :O We ended up watching the Christmas Special of Love Hina. After that, I took a shower while Cai used the PC. We ate dinner, and after that I had to go to Yeli's house to work on the Investigatory project again. We dropped Cai off at Petron, and I went to Yeli's house. I met up with Paola, and we got started on summarizing. Yeli came home with magnets that actually repel! :O We got it to levitate a piece of cardboard. We're so proud of ourselves. XD

Now I'm home. And now I will post long overdue pics. :P

My Lola's fish pool from the terrace.

Pic of a part of Lola's terrace.

Pic of the pool from the first floor.

My cousins; Vanessa in green, Ysmaelle in blue. Sisters. Me sticking my feet into the pool. :P

Me, the sad little fishergirl.

Me kicking Vanessa's butt at Badminton. XD

Cousins; Tristan playing, Pocholo watching.

Cousin; Almond, Tristan and Pocholo's brother.

Tristan holding evil Black Materia. XD

Tristan looking 'sexay'. XD

Cousin; Christine. That's a non-alcoholic drink, btw.

Me playing announcer for our family Christmas party.

My deranged family. XD Mom and Dad were playing the game where you have to break each other's eggs. Yes, I know it's wrong. XD

Iriga from the top of the Grotto.

Buko. XD

Auntie Didith's wedding. Vanessa, Ysmaelle, Auntie Deti, Mom, Me, Auntie Evan, Christine, Auntie Didith, and her husband. XD

Me, Jeth, Lola, Maelle, and Vanessa.

Vanessa saves the damsel in distress...

Or does she? XD

Maelle hops on for a ride.

Cousins bonding.

Cousins unbonding. XD Cousins: Tristan on top, Gerard on the bottom, and Glen watching. XD

Launching rockets into the pool.

Our boredom at our uncle's HS reunion.


Vanessa go RAWR~!

The 'Ates'

Cousins again! And Tristan trying to look cool. XD

Fireworks. :O

Many many rockets. @_@

My uncle and the Judas belt that blew up our bundle of rockets. It's my uncle's fault too.

The Aftermath.

The Aftermath 2.

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