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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Prosec Fieldtrip
Listening to: Noisy clock again :O

First of all I got my YM to work~!! XD Be happy for me! :D Well, I didn't really get it to work; I installed the older version. XD Still, technically I got it to work again, so YAY! :3

I am plugging our school fair, EvoluSHSion. It's from February 3-5, 2004, at the SHS school grounds in BF Homes, Quezon City. I would especially like to plug two things: the Gurlaloo (SHS Glee Club concert) and the Sanctum Unmasked (spontaneous performers booth).
-You can read about the Gurlaloo at Kari's and Gela's bloggies.

And I will plug something kinda long for Gretchie. XD

Sanctum Unmasked
~ Feb. 3-5, 2005 at the School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City Fair [9 am - 3 pm] ~

~ It's a tambay booth. You pay to get into a room that's got all sorts of squishy cushions and mats inside, and there's a stage. Now, anybody can come up to the stage and do... whatever they want. Write, sing, dance, talk, tell jokes, play an instrument, draw, play bongos, debate, make strange and unexpected sounds from different body parts... ANYTHING. Even though they don't have the talent for it. As long as they feel the need for self-expression onstage, then Sanctum Unmasked welcomes them with open arms... and there's free ice tea for everyone who enters the booth!

However, to avoid dead air or downtimes in which no one wants to perform and people are left sitting around looking at each other, we are inviting anyone and everyone interested in performing (A.K.A. DOING ANYTHING THEY WANT ON STAGE) to contact me or any other member of the Sanctum Committee. Please give us the following inforweenies:

What You'll Be Doing: (we can't have you doing nude scenes! This is a school fair!)
When You Are Available: (Date[s] and Time[s]

And then we'll get back to you. After all the scheduled performers for the day have done their thang in front of everybody in the Sanctum, anybody from the audience can come up and do their thaing.


Anyway, today we had our Prosec Fieldtrip. It was uuuuuuuuber fun. :3 The first place we went to was Fitness First, which was in Eastwood. On our way there, we got huge goodie bags from Mrs.Zeta, plus Gonuts Doughnuts. <3 The whole class saw Joyce Jimenez while walking out of the locker area. I had no idea who she was until Cai pointed it out to me. XD First we had a small orientation of the place. We had a Last Man Standing game with crunches, and Teng and FF won. :O I wasn't sure of how to do crunches. XD So Cai and I ended up doing sit-ups, which made us tired faster. Lol. After that, half of the class went to Cosmic Cycling, while the other half went to Body Balance. I was in Body Balance. It was, well, tiring. XD It was quite relaxing though. Our instructor had a really soothing voice. We did a combo of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Please don't mind me if it's not the right spelling. XD Pilates was the hardest! Haha, I could feel my legs shake. I couldn't imagine doing that everyday, like the regulars do. Must be fun. XD But wow, it was really new. Fun, tiring, and relaxing. At the end we got to just sprawl out on the floor for about 10 minutes for meditation. 'Twas great. :3

After after changing, we went to Fazoli's for lunch. Fazoli's! Again! XD

We got to G4 then went to Sari-Sari store for the dress up activity. It was here that I realized that I had accidentally pocketed the key to our locker in Fitness First. @_@ But anyway... XD Jan was our model for the Dinner Date, and I became the extra model for the Grad Ball thingie that they added at the last minute. XD I wore a grey, tube, A line dress that only went past my knees. There weren't any fitting shoes, so I wore my rubber shoes. XD Hahahaha! We got tips and such for the outfits we had put together. Afterwards, we were given a 15% discount on any items we were to buy then. I wasn't able to buy anything sadly. But now I know what kind of skirts I want to get; short A line skirts. XD Racine bought a cute mini skirt with hearts all over it for 200 pesos. Originally, it was 700. :O Talk about bargain man. W00t! This is where things get funny. XD (Sorry Racine, I found it funny XD) As we were leaving Sari-Sari store, Maku was there. He was signalling to Racine and stuff, but Ms. Alberto was there, so we had to look... unsuspicious. XD Hahaha. Racine was all nervous/panicky and stuff. :P Anyway, on our way to the bus, Cai noticed that Racine was still wearing a necklace from Sari-Sari store! :O So I had to run back to return it. Gawd, that left me really gasping for air. Went to the bus, then went back down with Vicky to look for missing classmates. We ran around a bit T_T and went back to the bus to find out that they were there already. Got Burger King Burgers from Mrs. Zeta again, and we were on our way home. We practiced a bit, practiced more at school, then went home.

Pheeeeeeeeew. Now I'm tired. But I have to study for El Fili and for English. Eeek.

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