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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Jacket Obsession
Listening to: The noisy clock that's sitting next to me

It's 2:30am. I thought I was sleepy, but I guess not. Or I'm just not letting myself sleep. If Mom was here she'd have my head, but she's not. She went to the province on Thursday to take care of some business there. Ok... now it's a quarter to three. My train of thought is going really slow at the moment.


Ahahaha, I fell asleep while writing this entry. XD It's now 8:50 in the morning. I'm lucky there's a bed here in the study room, or I might have fallen asleep... right in front of the pc. O_o


Ok, now it's 4:43pm. Don't ask me why it took me all day to get myself to write this entry.

Friday was... a bit boring. That's because Gela, Gretchen, and Kari were missing in action, which left only Cai, Racine and I at school. Gela was at her retreat, Gretchen was on her break day from the retreat, and Kari was on her field trip. The day breezed by.. We still don't have our school jackets. =/ I landed the part of Persephone on our Script Reading thingie for the English Week. We have to present the story of Hades and Persephone as a radio play. It's not a play, but like a radio drama. So even the sounds are live; that means no recordings can be used as effects. With that in mind, I wonder how we're going to replicate "Evil bed sounds". XD

Then after that Mary and I had to design Sandiwa's board for card day. We were only allowed to use the colors green, light green and orange. It was 3:45pm. I rushed it, ran down the corridor (Sandiwa is all the way at the end from Bayanihan), got some encouraging words from Cai, and ran across the field from the guidance office. I saw Dad waiting for me, and I told him I had to meet Matt. So I went out of the screening gate and negotiated with the guard there. Luckily he recognized me, and let me out after some reassuring words of my quick return. Once I was out, I walked slowly. For one I needed to catch my breath. Second, I didn't want to get hit by a car. Third, something told me to walk slowly. So I did. I looked down the street, and no one was there. I sat down and relished the silence. I watched the cars pass by. Then I looked down the street and I saw him walking my way. We sat down. He started, and I listened. I told him about the palanca, and the mistake he made in the secret code. I told him I wasn't ready for a lot of things. He gave me an angel figurine. He told me it was the way he saw me. Dad called, and I had to go. It even started to drizzle. He said that he liked the rain. I told him I liked it because I could spell my name with it, minus a letter, but there are more reasons than that. It cleared up some things, and I'm glad that it went well.

Then on Saturday I went to a wedding. Yeah. Another one. XD We were related to the bride; she's actually the sister of the groom of the wedding we went to in December. XD Since Mom was missing, I had to fix up myself all by myself. It was... horrifying? Haha, just kidding. XD I think I looked decent, but I bet my Mom would have said I looked too plain. I tried to fix my hair, but it just stayed straight as usual. We're always getting invited to weddings. :P Well, we didn't go to the wedding; we went to the reception. It was pretty fun. We got there late, but at least it wasn't that late. They had lots of ceremony thingies. Like the money dance, the first dance, the first meal, so on and so on. But the part that I absolutely loved was the 'Release of the Butterflies'. It was just like the ending of the cartoon series 'As Told by Ginger', where you whisper a wish to a butterfly and let it carry your wish to the Great Spirit. They shook out a cage of butterflies, and they flew everywhere. I found it magical. After that was dancing mostly. There was a guy DI and a girl DI; the guy DI was such a smooth dancer. :X And the girl DI, I sorta felt worry for her, because all the guys at the reception COULDN'T DANCE. XD Sadly, Dad was part of the guys that can't dance. Bwahahaha, I couldn't help but laugh a bit with my brother. =P Bad, I know. Auntie Auring gave me a huge bundle of flowers when we left. :O And I managed to hold 2 butterflies as we were leaving. I gave one to Juno, so he could make a wish. The other hitched a ride on my bag. When we were outside, I told my brother it didn't want to fly away. So he blew it, and it fluttered about. I yelled at him, "Hey! I haven't made a wish yet!!" And he said, "Oh, you make wishes?" So he chased it and started telling it his wishes. Yelling, actually. He came back and I asked him if he made a good wish. He said he told it a lot. And I told him "Jeth, look at the butterfly. It can only hold one wish~ XD" He looked surprised. He turned around and shouted to the butterfly, "PICK ONE!" Hahaha, that made me laugh a lot. I whispered my wish. I hope it heard me. And I hope it's not too heavy to carry.

And now... I'll explain the title of my post. I love this blue Nike jacket I'm wearing. XD I've been wearing it for 4 days now. I fell asleep in it too. =P But it has been through a lot more than just that with me. I've had that jacket since I was in Japan. It used to be my brother's, but he gave it to me eventually. I've had it for over... 6, 7 years? :O I remember wearing it while Trick or Treating in 1998. O_o I'm definitely a jacket person. Now all I need is our school jacket! :3

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why is everyone getting married these days? o_O

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