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- make my own clothes!
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- cosplay again
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- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Saturday, December 18, 2004
I Need to Sleep...
Listening to: Lost Prophets ~ Last Train Home

You are now looking at the blog of a person who feels incredibly stupid. Prepare for an uber long post.

[Blog Session Starts: 1:50am]

We had our last exam today. English. It wasn't hard, really. Lots of people had a hard time with it, esp. this one part where you had to identify who said what, and why they said it. Everyone read summarized versions of the literature of what we took up, so not a lot of people knew the anwers. I was able to read parts of it, so I think I did decent on that part. During the exam, Ms. Toli said I was pretty. Haha. Anyway, after the exam, we had our Christmas Party. Well, it was supposed to be a Christmas party. But anyway, we had exchange gifts. I got a dog stuffed toy from Roxanne. I got quite a few gifts, and I feel really bad that I didn't get gifts for anyone besides my barkada. >_< Damn. Then we ate. But we ran out of food. Lol. So I just cleaned and went to the MMA to hang out with everyone else. We ate BTS. (Guess what BTS stands for? XP) Then Tepai came, and I got to read her comic. Haha, she really captured SHS. Cai, Racine and I are even in it. XD After that we went to Gela's house.. We bummed at their temporary house for about 6 hours while waiting for the driver to come from Laguna. We watched lots of flash movies like The Potter Song and Emmy's Christmas Gift. We also finished The Viridian Room at FASCO-CSC. Before we left for Eastwood, we had a really fun conf. with Kari and Alex.

Then we were at Eastwood. When we got there, there was barely any people. We decided to eat first, and we ate at this restaurant that combined Philippine food with Japanese food. It was quite different, but it tasted pretty good. After eating, we walked around. Cai and Racine went to PowerStation while Gela and I looked around for gifts for our parents. I was able to get another peridot colored necklace with a capis shell flower for my mom. I couldn't find anything for my dad tho. Just one gift cut my allowance in half tho. T_T Gela and I met up with Cai and Racine, and we played a few games. Just 2 actually; Beat Mania and Guitar Freaks. We went to the CD store afterwards, and Cai and I bought the pRO Juno Guidebook. (Bye bye allowance~) Then we went to Coffee Bean, and we stayed there for a while. Gela drank her drink, I drank Racine's drink, Cai read her guidebook, and I sucked on my Honey Stick. Went to the bookstore afterwards, and made Racine look around so we had an excuse to just sit on the sofa/couch. Then we moved out and went to People are People. I wanted to try on a Mini Skirt for the hell of it, but I decided not to. We sat outside and just talked for a while... and people spotted. Cai got a pic of me with the alligator/crocodile. Shortly after we got picked up and went home. I fell asleep on the way.

Haha, I guess that's why even if it's 2:20 am now, I'm not that sleepy.


Last night I took the Dante's Inferno test again. Just to study it a bit I guess. I was really surprised with what I got. No, not really surprised, but surprised at how much it changed from what I had taken before. I mean, wouldn't you be scared if you jumped from Limbo to the Malebolge? I would be. And I am.

Take the test: Dante's Inferno Test


It's amazing what you can find on the internet if you just know where to look. I'm not a stalker or anything, but I seem to stumble upon things that I'm not supposed to find. I think tho... that even if we do hide these sites and so on, we do want them to be found. (That's because I found one recently, haha) We link them inauspiciously; in profiles we forget about, in YM stats.. even google. I think while sometimes we advertise our sites and our blogs, we just want to know if anyone is interested. Interested in what we go through everyday, what we feel and what we think. Interested in who we are. Other times when we don't advertise them, we want to know if anyone will go the length to actually find it. I'd know, I've done it before. It's not hidden, it's just there; usually a small link in a long un-updated profile. Are you curious enough to click? In the end... it's a subtle way of saying:

"Look for me."


w00t. It's 3am now. I'm still listening to this song. It's stuck in me at the moment. And I just saved Ala Paredes' Blog in my favs.

She seems cool. And she's a Blogger girl too.


It sucks to feel lonely when you're surrounded by people. But it sucks even more to feel stupid when people care about you. Stupid in the sense that... you don't know what to do. Stupid in the sense that all of your reason and understanding has been twisted and mangled and mauled. Stupid.


I know what I want to get for Christmas!


Simply because my younger cousin has more clothes than I do. Plus, my friends have seen me in all of my clothes. I look at something and wonder: Didn't I just wear you? I don't remember the last time I went shopping for clothes. (._.) I also need a new wallet. But I already told Tristan to get me one.


I realized that the trade off I mentioned in my last post was a bit stupid. I'm here already. Thinking about back then may bring memories, but longing for it won't do me anything.


My mom and my dad fought the day after my mom mentioned the divorce thing. It left me really worried and sad. I know my parents are human. And sometimes they can't help but fight. It leaves my nerves a wreck. But I just have to roll with the punches.


Copied from Kari's LJ.
My Christmas Wish List

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