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- find out what I want in life
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- be a Dean's List-er
- learn how to ride a motorcycle
- go skydiving
- go scuba diving
- make my own blog layout
- learn how to use Flash
- travel more
- improve my drawing skills
- go to a Flea market
- a Tarot Card Deck
- fashion sense
- femme outfits
- witty t-shirts
- vintage clothes and accessories
- make my own clothes!
- go on a shopping spree
- contribute to WWF
- a DSLR
- bake something
- an underwater camera
- cosplay again
- visit my online friends
- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Listening to: Sympathy ~ Goo Goo Dolls

I had a post written in my notebook, but I left it at school. Soo~ I'll post this survey instead. n_n

Bold the ones that are applicable:

I wish I was a different ethnicity.
I have an eating disorder.
I'm short.
I'm tall.
I think I'm really attractive. [XD]
I prefer winter over summer.
I'm a geek. [You bet your bum I am!]
I'm a shopaholic. [Yar.]
I'm reasonably intelligent. [*scratches her head*]
I'm attracted to girls.
I'm attracted to boys. [Cough.]
I like British accents.
I smoke regularly.
I smoke socially.
I drink socially.
I drink regularly.
I get drunk easily.
I do drugs.
I will never date a bad kisser. [And I will know he's a bad kisser by...?]
I've lied to avoid kissing them again. [It's a long and horrible story.]
I brush my hair at least 50 times a night.
I'm religious.
I'm not religious but have morals.
I lie frequently. [-_-]
I'm impulsive.
I'm hardworking. [On all the wrong things, mind you.]
I liked "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind".
"She's All That" is one of my favourite movies.
I'm good at History. [I'm good enough.]
I speak more than two languages.
I enjoy taking pictures.

I like spending money on myself.
I like spending money on others.

I have a regular income. [I wish. XD]
I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
I pay my own bills.
I rely on my parents for money. [The sad and horrible truth.]
I can cook. [Yeah right.]
I enjoy cleaning. [Sometimes. It's and Auti thing.]
Tidyness is a must in my life.
I like clutter. [Teh irony!!]
My idea of good music is Britney Spears.
I have heard of Blonde Redhead.
I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
I'm fashion-conscious. [To a point.]
I have good taste. [Yummy. XF]
People tell me I have good taste.
I excel academically. [Yeah RIGHT!]
I'm told I have yet to fulfill my potential.
I'm good at sports.
I'm good at certain sports. [Yar.]
I couldn't do sports to save my life.
I'm creative. [I've been told I'm on the brink of insanity. More than once. :D]
I'm artistically inclined.
I wanna be an artist when i grow up.
I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
I eat when I'm upset.
I cannot adapt to change.
I'm interested in politics. [It's fun to rant about.]
I have shoplifted. [Stickers. Man, I was a criminal at 10. O_o]
I download MP3s. [Not anymore tho... I NEED MP3s!!!]
I've done underage drinking. [*cough*]
I've gone underage clubbing. [*cough*]
I can dance reasonably well.
I can dance extremely well.
I dance like a cardboard gorilla. [Wouldn't you love to see that? XD]
I can sing. [Weh.]
I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
I can swim.
I enjoy surveys.
I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
I keep a journal.

My teachers don't like me.
I enjoy controversy. [It's a nice topic to talk about.. Don't want to be part of one tho.]
I can be a bitch/bastard. [Fuck off. XD]
I have a thing for bad boys/girls. [XD]
I have tattoos.
I've been in a nudist colony.
I'm not sure if I want to have children.
I'm not sure if I'll get married.
I know who I will marry.
I'm interesting. [Weh!]
I'm a good liar. [Fear.]
People enjoy talking to me. [What is it like to have 10 chat windows open at one time? XD]
I annoy people from time to time. [Hell yeah. But sometimes I don't really mean to..]
I'm a born leader.
I'm a born leader but shouldn't lead. [I think.]
I've snuck out of the house. [*whistles innocently*]
I enjoy felching. [What the heck is felching? O_o]
I have a foot fetish.
I have a shoe fetish.
I watch "Sex and the City".
I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
I wanna be J.Lo.
I cut myself.
I've cut myself. [I found out I have a low tolerance to pain.]
I hate people who pretend to be suicidal. [Makes me want to be a murderer. :D]
I hate popular people.
I think cheerleading is a sport. [Heck ya. It doesn't look a bit easy to me.]
I'm photogenic. [And Donkey isn't an ass.]
I live in Chucks. [What the heck is Chucks??]
I think graffiti is art. [As long as it doesn't have profanities in it, yeah.]
I have dated a criminal.
I have been cheated on.
I have cheated on someone.
I have a temper.
I like playgrounds. [I love swings.]
I dance in the rain.
I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
I have tanlines.
My favourite color is pink.
My favourite color is black. [Along with many other colors.]
I would classify myself as emo. [I don't classify myself, but I want Emo Glasses.]
I'm musically inclined.
I like listening to music.
I like music-blasting cars.
Thongs are comfortable.
I like flip-flops.
I know what monogamy is... [Don't hate me 'coz I'm stupiid! *sob*]
...and I believe in it.
I wanna be a social worker when I grow up.
I have sibling/s.
My sibling/s annoy me. [Yar.]
I think "South Park" is funny. [To an extent.]
I believe in LOVE. [Wafuuuuu~!]

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monogamy is being married to one person at a time. =p

By Blogger Racine, at 8:58 PM  

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