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Name: Ria
B-day: September 5, 1988
Location: QC, Philippines
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- find out what I want in life
- this moment to happen
- be a Dean's List-er
- learn how to ride a motorcycle
- go skydiving
- go scuba diving
- make my own blog layout
- learn how to use Flash
- travel more
- improve my drawing skills
- go to a Flea market
- a Tarot Card Deck
- fashion sense
- femme outfits
- witty t-shirts
- vintage clothes and accessories
- make my own clothes!
- go on a shopping spree
- contribute to WWF
- a DSLR
- bake something
- an underwater camera
- cosplay again
- visit my online friends
- stop being a safeist
- happiness

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Friday, January 23, 2004
Listening to: Garbage ~ Cherry Lips


It took forever to start. We talked about anything while waiting. It finally started, but we just kept on talking with each other. It was fun. :D Soon afterwards tho, Gela and I started to get really cold. x_x Again, Franco offered Gela his coat, but still she refused. :P The soup came, and Gela and I were happy because it was hot. Other than that, the soup sucked.. It was gritty. >_> CJ had this thing for the butter, so we told him to get the three extra ones from the three unoccupied seats at our table. :P Of course, he didn't get them. Then this dude came up to us and asked us if we wanted to get our pictures taken while there was no line. So we did. Camilla was first w/ her date, then Racine. When the photographer called Frederick to join her in the pic, he called him an escort. Then Racine was like, "Escort?" So I said, "Security!" ":P Gela was the first to get their pictures taken with her date. Then it was my turn. I got four poses because I was stag. :P After those pics, we got a barkada pic, then one with our bodyguards. :D After the pics, we went back to the hall, and wow! Dinner was there, waiting for us. I felt bad after dinner bacause I was the only one who finished all of my food. >_< Then it was dessert! :D Yummy chocolate cake. But Frederick didn't get any; they ran out on him, so they had to go back and get another one. Funny thing was, Racine was eating it and saying "This is yummy!" Or something like that.. So I told her to feed some to Frederick. :D Lol! Too bad he said no. (Sayang!!)

After dinner, there was dancing! Actually, we didn't dance at first because we were pratically blinded by the disco lights. x_x But as more and more people started to dance (and much prodding and convincing), we decided to join in. We just swayed at first. Then I started to dance (tried is more like it), then we were swaying with style! :P Then Franco suddenly started to dance! XD But he got a headache soon afterwards. Turns out he was actually a bit sick, but he still went to the prom (AWW GEL!! XD). There was a time for slowdance, but it was only ONE SONG. O_o Gela and Camilla took of their shoes after jumping around a bit. Racine and I kept our shoes on. My shoes were comfortable enough to jump around in. The guys sat down near where we were swaying, and I noticed that they were looking and Gela's and Camilla's feet! :P It was so weird.

The awarding came next. I was a bit bummed because they didn't have a stag of the night award. :P I think I know who should have won it. (Joanna Feliciano!) The Prom Queen wasn't who everyone was expecting (at least not part of the group everyone was expecting), so that was cool. Some people still danced afterwards, but we decided to hang out in the lobby. The lobby was filled with parents waiting for their daughters/sons. Not to mention there was another school having their prom in the hall next to the one we were using. We were all tired, so we just sat down, waving good-bye to those leaving while talking. I'm not sure if it was Franco or CJ who left first, but after CJ left, Camilla went upstairs. Gela, Racine and I stayed in the lobby waiting for Frederick's family to pick him up. They came after and hour or so, and when I saw his brother, I thought he was MY brother! Geez, they looked so alike. Thinking the night was over, I started for the elevators, but Racine started yelling. "He forgot his glasses!! O_o" I grabbed them and ran (as if I could run in that dress. ><) for the driveway, but he was gone. :P Luckily, Racine had called him, so he came right back to get them. n_n;; We really shouldn't have panicked.. I later learned that he lived really close to Manila Hotel. x_x (Got me all excited for nothing.. XD Jk!) Haha! Gela and Racine went to my room for a while, and we talked.. I was falling asleep already, so they left I got ready for bed. :D It was fun.

Phew~! I don't think I should add anything else. I might end up writing a story.. O_o

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